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Executive Coaching

One:One coaching: To enhance individual emotional intelligence performance, leadership style, awareness, and impact. Coaching ranges from 30 to 60 min weekly appointments depending on your goals and needs. Length of commitment can be discussed during our first session. Contact Dr. Doctolero for payment details as price varies per coaching package. This could also include EQi 2.0 or 360 assessment. See below for more details
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Group Coaching

This service is largely created to increase emotional intelligence with teachers and other school support. This is aimed to increase their own emotional intelligence to enhance their performance and stress management. This is a series of 6 classes for 60-min each class. In order to increase availability of these classes, they are offered via web or phone. Maximum of 6 individuals from a variety of schools, PK-12th grades, around America.
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Founder and Executive Coach, Clara Doctolero, PsyD, will come to your workplace for an in-person  short or extensive seminar. Topics include any of the skills-based approaches to enhance emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness that include assertiveness and self-esteem tools, and distress tolerance skills at work. Talks can range from 30 min to a few days. 
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EQ-i 2.0 and/or EQ-i 360 Assessment

The EQ-i 2.0 measures your emotional IQ (yes, an actual number) per your self-assessment, and how your EQ-i impact others around you. You can start your individual coaching sessions with this assessment, then measure again at a later period to see progress. Anyone's EQ-i can increase with emotional intelligence skills. Alternatively, the EQ-i 360 identifies your level of emotional and social functioning based on your responses, and what others say about you at work.
This could be useful particularly with blind spots.
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